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The intensity of HIV infection can now be controlled to a certain extent by effective medicines and careful treatment modes. HIV positive persons can lead long and healthy lives through Anti Retro-viral Treatment (ART). Thus, their life span can be extended from ten to fifteen years or more. One cannot also rule out the possibility of the discovery of medicines, which can completely cure HIV infection, within this period.

Ushus are the Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART) centres where ART is provided free of cost. Kerala is the first state in India to start ART for HIV positive people, by meeting funds from its exchequer. Since 2005-06, NACO has approved and are totally supporting all these centres.

ART Centres

Govt Medical Colleges






Govt. Hospitals

6.DH Palakkad

7.GH Ernakulam

8.GH Kasargod

Services Provided

Staff structure at Ushus centres:

1. Senior Medical Officer
2. Counselor
3. Data Manager
4. Staff nurse
5. Pharmacist
6. Community Care Coordinator

All HIV positive persons register at ART Centres for HIV care. These centres also provide prophylaxis and treatment for opportunistic infections. Counseling is given for ART preparedness and adherence.

Presently available ARV drugs at ART centres supplied by NACO under the NACP are:

1. Stavudine+Lamivudine+ Nevirapine
2. Zidovudine+Lamivudien+Nevirapine
3. Effeverenz

CD4 cell count estimation which is to be done once in six months for all HIV positive persons is facilitated through ART centres and done free of cost. Ushus centres are linked to Community Care centres, where PLHA requiring nutritional support/counseling / treatment of minor opportunistic infections are referred.

CD4 testing facility is available at:

1. Department of Microbiology, Medical college Thiruvananthapuram
2. Department of Microbiology , Medical college Alappuzha
3. Department of Microbiology , Medical college Thrissur
4. Department of Microbiology , Medical college Kozhikode
5. Regional Diagnostic Laboratory, District Hospital, Palakkad

Link ART Centres
Anti retroviral treatment is life long and the patients has to come to the Ushus centre every month for the rest of his / her life. Distance, travel cost and inconvenience being perceived to be barriers for optimal adherence for ART, NACO has envisaged having drug distribution centres called Link ART Centres (LAC) which will be linked to the existing ART centre.

Link ART Centres

1.DH Manjeri, Malappuram

2.PH Lab Kollam

3.DH Pathanamthitta

4.DH Kanghagad, Kasargod

5.DH Painavu Iddukki

6.DH MananthavadyWayanad

7.THQH Punalur

8.THQH Neyattinkara

Link ART +

9. DH Kannur

Addresses of Ushus (ART Centres) in Kerala

‘Ushus’ (ART Centre)
Department of Medicine
Medical College Hospital
Tel: 0471 2442311

‘Ushus’ (ART Centre)
Department of Medicine
Medical College Hospital
Tel: 0481 2597404

‘Ushus’ (ART Centre)
Department of Medicine
Medical College Chest Hospital
Mulamkunnathukavu, Thrissur
Tel: 0487 2206610

‘Ushus’ (ART Centre)
Medical College Hospital

Tel: 0477 2280201

‘Ushus’ (ART Centre)
Department of Medicine
Medical College Hospital
Tel: 0495-2352045



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