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Donor’s speak

“VBD gives the donor a feeling of joy and contentment. Also this is an expression of love for mankind, as blood knows no caste, colour, creed, country, continent, religion or sex."
Shinymol P.A.
Shinymol P.A.
Naruvamoodu, Thiruvananthapuram

 Shinymol donated her blood of her own accord on 1st October, which is the National Voluntary Blood Donation Day. Mere altruism and commitment posed Shiny to donate blood.
Praveen S. S.
District Sales Officer
H.L.F.P.P.T, Kannur

 One who has donated blood on more than one occasion feels that his association with N.C.C. during his school days helped him a lot later on to donate blood, whenever a need arose. But, Praveen feels that more sections in the society need to be made aware of the significance of voluntary blood donation. He pointed out the activities of clubs in villages that are taking initiatives in this regard. According to Praveen, there is also a need to rope in auto / taxi drivers and the traffic police towards the activities of voluntary blood donation and provide them with the right awareness.
 “Because, we ourselves might require blood tomorrow and the good work we do now may come to our help tomorrow”, says Jayan.
  Jayan.        AmbulanceAssistance
Military Camp Pangode


He feels voluntary blood donation camp organized as part of the World AIDS Day 2008 was useful in spreading the message and importance of voluntary blood donation. Jayan strongly feels that it is a great thing, if one can save somebody else’s life by donating his/her blood.

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