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Blood Banks

There are 170 licensed blood banks in the state, out of which, 33 are in the government sector, 7 in the co-operative sector and the remaining 130 are in the private sector.  53 of these are functioning as Blood Component Separation units of which 20 are from the Govt. sector.

In the NACP III programme, a pragmatic approach is planned including, setting up of a Model blood bank at medical college Thiruvananthapuram, up gradation of more blood banks with blood Component Separation facilities, strengthening the infrastructure of existing blood banks, implementing a mechanism for cold chain transport of blood, from Regional blood transfusion centres to blood storage centres, and capacity building by providing training to blood bank personnel. Kerala state AIDS control Society has proposed for a State Blood Service, which will provide quality blood to every needy patient at any time anywhere in the state. It is not the responsibility of the patient or his bystanders to find blood donors or blood but it is the responsibility of the state through agency of the blood services to ensure that every citizen gets blood/ component she needs.

List of Blood Banks

Govt Blood Banks   
Private Blood Banks 130
Blood Banks in co-operative sector. 7
Total Number of blood banks in Kerala 170

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