Blood Donation Technology

Almost all the blood banking systems in the State has advanced in all facets of donor management, storage of blood, grouping and cross matching, testing for transfusion transmissible diseases, rational use of blood, and distribution of blood. Procuring latest equipment, improving their standards by opting for the best available technology, striving hard to increase the donation capacity are necessary initiatives to achieve this. It also promotes the proper use of blood components in every way for the utmost utilization of the donated blood. Using sophisticated instruments blood banks have been increasing the blood quality and the quantity of blood collected.

The total blood banking technologies and systems are segmented into blood collection monitors, blood donor couches, blood tube sealers, plasma thawing and cryoprecipitate baths, blood bank centrifuges, platelet agitators, blood storage bags, blood bank refrigerators and low temperature freezers, gel cross matching system and blood cell separators.