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Donate Blood Gift a Life

Do you ever think of the most important thing that you can ever accomplish in your lifetime?
Definitely, one of the most important things will be blood donation.

Human blood has no substitute; it is truly the river of life. Though we have made tremendous discoveries and inventions in Science we are not yet able to use any other fluid to substitute the magic potion called Blood. Donating blood is a wonderful way to serve our community. The blood you donate can be used to save lives.

In day-to-day life the occasion may be several and unexpected for one to either donate blood or to receive it. As the vagaries of life are beyond prediction a person who donates blood today may have to receive it tomorrow. Still in the state, the onus of getting blood  for patient  lies on relatives. Voluntary blood donation has to be stepped up greatly, through a system of regular blood donation camps, held in every district, to ensure that repeated regular voluntary donors increases.

Requirement of safe blood is increasing and relentless support in the form of blood donation is needed every day. In order to ensure that adequate supplies of blood are on hand, tested and ready to deliver when needed, regular voluntary blood donation is accepted as inevitable service.



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